What are Triggers?

Triggers are a very, very simplistic mechanism whereby you wait for a trigger to be hit, then move on to the next one. This allows me to write triggers very quickly and easily, they just implement a basic interface, and are looked up at runtime. So other people can implement them too.

What happened to mash profiles?

Triggers replace the mash profile, this is because triggers are way more flexible.

How do I use triggers?

When you are in edit mode, the trigger table will be displayed, and you can add, re-order, and delete triggers.

Clicking the add button will pop up a small popover box with a drop down so you can select the trigger you’d like to add.

Add New Trigger

The drop down will show you the available triggers, I’ll keep this page up to date with all the triggers that are available. Not all triggers will always be shown, some have requirements first.

Temperature Trigger

This trigger waits for a specific temperature to be hit by the temperature sensor before moving on to the next trigger. If the trigger is associated with a PID, the set point will be set to that value.

The temperature must go above the target termperature for this trigger to complete.

New Temperature Trigger

Wait Trigger

This is a very basic “wait for X minutes and Y seconds” trigger.

Add New Wait

Pump Trigger

This trigger will only show when there is at least one pump set up in the system.

Select the pump to use, and whether to turn it off or on.

Note: This will be renamed soon to be more generic since the pump outputs are going to be renamed soon.

Add New Pump

Profile Trigger

This trigger allows you to activate or deactive the Trigger Profile on another (or this) probe.

Editting Triggers

When you’re in edit mode, you can drag and drop to reorder triggers, drag them to the “Delete” button (the Add button changes to the delete button when you drag a row), and double click a trigger row to pop up a window to edit the trigger.

Coming soon?

Other triggers will be created when they are requested, or provided.